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The Office Sheboygan Drop-In Pass FAQ

To gain access to The Office Sheboygan, just follow these simple steps.  Please read completely, as it will answer most of your questions!


  • Step one, register for your free community member account (see link below).


  • Step two, choose the appropriate daily pass option. We offer both a single day pass for $20, or multi-day passes for $17/day (minimum of 3 days purchased).

**Note - If you were sent an invitation for a single or multi week promotional pass, please follow the link directly from your email to sign up!**

Each pass (also called a 'punch') gives you in and out privileges from 7am until 9pm .  Daily Pass users - your day(s) starts as soon as you sign up.  Multi-Day Punch Pass - you can choose to use your pass immediately, or save them for up to 60 days and use your days when it's convenient. 


Multi-Day Pass Users: when you go to purchase your pass, you will be given the option to use it immediately.  If you plan to use The Office on the same day as purchase, please leave this option selected.

If you do not choose to use your daily pass immediately, you will need to redeem your punch pass on the day you wish to use it.  You do this by going to, sign in with your community member account, and then select 'memberships'.  Above membership options, you will see the ability to use your punch pass.  Select the option to use your pass, and you now have access to The Office.

But how do I: open the door? connect to wifi?

To open the doors, you will use your digital key, located in your community membership portal.

  • First, locate your digital key.  If using the mobile website, your key is located in the drop down menu under your name on the top right.  Select the option called 'Keys', and you will see a digital key called The Office Sheboygan.  You can also use the iOS or Google/Android app - to download, select the drop-down menu from your community member portal, and on the bottom you will see a link to the appropriate application.  Once downloaded, sign in using your community membership credentials.  Once signed in, you will see an option for 'keys' on the bottom.  Note - you will not see a key available if you trying to open the door before 7am or after 9pm, or if your daily pass hasn't been activated.

Once you have located your digital key, press the * key on the physical door keypad, and then press your digital key icon.  Within a second or two the door will unlock, and you can enter The Office.  Please remember the door will lock behind you - if you need to leave, you will need your phone to re-enter!

  • If the lights are off upon arrival, simply flip the switch located right inside the door!

  • Internet! Connect to the wireless network labeled "The Office Members".  You will be taken to a captive portal, where you will need to enter your community member credentials.

As a daily user, please help yourself to water, coffee, tea, and snacks.  We only have a few community rules we ask everyone to follow:

- Please clean up any mess you make. Cleaning supplies are provided, so please leave The Office better than you found it!

- Be respectful of others in the space.

- This is a no smoking, no vaping facility.  You're welcome to step outside.

- No illegal activity.  Remember, you're on camera for your safety and ours.

- Please do not allow unauthorized individuals into the space.

- If you ever feel unsafe or there is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

If you need help accessing the space or have any questions, please call or text anytime. Owner, Adam Cain | 920-207-0630
Community Manager, Danielle Bradford | 920-287-5733

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